I have always been drawn to photography as a medium to capture the details of the world as I see them. 'My eye' is influenced by a background in fine arts and graphics. Compositions and marked contrasts tend to be painterly and, at times, exaggerated, evoking a quality of both intimacy and strength.

The fine art photography series, especially of the Statues, Shells and Capri, have established themselves as favorites among interior designers and architects in Europe and the US and can be found in residential and commercial spaces.


Over the years I have had the great opportunity of freelancing for various press outlets for interior design and fashion publications as well as having my fine art photography featured in international magazine editorials and blogs, I am thankful to the editors and designers who have allowed me to participate and who have supported my photography, both commercial and fine art, and the talented colleagues who have assisted me with my work.


My photography has also become a valuable aspect to my work as Creative Director and Branding Designer for international clients.

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